Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ko Samaui

Lost in the fast moving memories - moving much faster than Thai traffic! - was the weekend in paradise on an island south of Bangkok.

The airport itself was the most adorable all open air tiki huts with free snacks, drinks, popcorn for passengers outbound. We flew Bangkok Air, called a Boutique Airline, and in a 30 minute flight got 2 drinks and a substantial snack!

The resort we stayed in is where the Thai and Europeans go when they vacation so we were the only Americans by the infinity glorious pool. Free fabulous breakfast, spectacular room and view, massage and happy hour! We never needed to leave the hotel!

But we did. The island has a wonderful Friday Night Market and restaurants are right on the beach. Literally we ate with our shoes off wiggling toes in the sand. Some of the most fantastic Thai food! Then as we watched the sun set they began to lift off colored paper lanterns, like tiny hot air balloons only glowing!

On Saturday we took a day trip by speed boat to a national park consisting of 64 islands. We did not see them all but snorkled and hiked 200 meters to a lok out - straight up! Then as the others went in a kyak and I got some beach time the afternoon monsoon blew in, and there was not a dry part of anyone or anything.

We had to get our Buddah fix so we visited a Wat on the way out.

Lori and Mary Beth are great travel companions and only a couple of times did people ask if I was their mother...which I would be proud to be!


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