Monday, August 5, 2013

English Camp and Cultural Event

Today the whole CCS volunteers staff when to my school for an all school English Camp. We each had an assigned topic and detailed instructions from the local teachers, but 8 groups of 40 kids per group!

I did storytelling for grades 4-6 which meant a lot of time with The Boy Who Cried Wolf. By time #7 I was not sure if the wolf would show up or not. It would be faster if the villagers just chased him off or got smarter sheep. But the kids had a great time and all the teachers were grateful.

Then we had a cultural experience. The planned event was a visit to Jim Thompson house who was a private American who took 6 regular Thai houses, moved them all to his property and designed one house in the Thai style from them.  He also collected some astonishing Chinese and Thai art which was wonderfully displayed. The house made the most of the wonderful garden. In th way it reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright with the windows and vistas bringing nature in. Except here there is no need for windows!

The unplanned part was the taffic and rain. The 40 minute tour took 1.5 hours to get to and 2 more to get home. We ended up taking a van, sky train, subway, tuktuk, golf cart and splashing through puddles.


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