Thursday, August 15, 2013

Toilet Criteria

From most essential to "what we expect at home but are surprised to find" :

1 Lock on door - sometimes door
2 Western not squat - the locals will cue up at the squats and leave the western open
3 Flush toilet, not one you slosh out with bucket of water
4 Spray hose, method of cleaning in lieu of paper
5 Real paper, bonus point if on a covered roll, not sitting on floor
6 Waste basket with lid, no paper ever goes in toilet anywhere
7 Sink
8 Soap, bonus if it is pump liquid and not ancient bar
9 Community Cloth towel, bonus is one with a clean dry spot
10  Paper towel and waste basket

First one in the group announces the rating to general ooooooo's and resigned sighs of the others. Believe me I have been all the way down below number 1 and never passed up an opportunity. Part of the experience.

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  1. I did send you my writeup on toilets in Tibet, right?